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FAA Unveils Drone Rules February 16 2015, 0 Comments

The use of aerial drones in filmmaking has really escalated in the last few years due in large part to the affordability and the quality of new high tech products Read more ➠

Sundance Film Festival 2015 January 26 2015, 0 Comments

The Sundance Film Festival is going on right now and this year it seems there's more activity on the sales front than last - along with what also seems like a better program of films. Read more ➠

Filming The NFL January 07 2015, 0 Comments

Two film DPs got the opportunity to cover the NFL Wildcard game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions last weekend... What they captured rivals anything you might see in an NFL Films production. Read more ➠

Top 5 New Filmmaking Tools of 2014 December 30 2014, 0 Comments

Yep, it's that time of year to reflect on what happened in our lives over the past 12 months - which means of course making a list - and in the filmmaking world that list is full of what cool new tech made an impact on us and our work. Read more ➠

Squib FX December 18 2014, 0 Comments

Today there are lots of ways to do this, some are pretty good and so are not so good. Read more ➠

Green Screen Animals December 08 2014, 0 Comments

Animal Wranglers (and their animals) can be very expensive... and then sometimes you need more than a traditional stock shot of an animal in its natural habitat... you need them in a background or environment to match an edited scene in your project. Read more ➠

100 Most Iconic Shots in Movies... December 02 2014, 0 Comments

At least according to CineFlix on Youtube they are.

Read more ➠