Sundance Film Festival 2015 January 26 2015, 0 Comments

The Sundance Film Festival is going on right now and this year it seems there's more activity on the sales front than last - along with what also seems like a better program of films. 

Popular titles such as "Dope", "The Bronze" and "The Witch" have been snatched up after bidding wars, and other movies like "Mississippi Grind", "Mistress America" and "Ten Thousand Saints" (among many others) have garnered strong favorable reviews.

It's nice to see the indie filmmaking scene make some noise after what appears like to us - a few quieter past years. Of course who knows how these movies will fare down the road once released theatrically or on VOD, but some good looking films nonetheless.

Check out reviews of many of the films here from Variety and here from The Hollywood Reporter.

Are you (or were you) at Sundance this year - and if so, what were your favorite films?