'Deadpool' Camera Shake Presets February 22 2016, 0 Comments

We love it when big time Hollywood techniques are made available to everyday (indie) filmmakers... And If you edit in Premiere Pro that is the case with this.

Adobe has allowed Jarle Leirpoll's "Handheld Camera" presets to be downloaded from the blockbuster movie Deadpool.  

As described from his website...

"These are real camera shake presets, made from actual shots with a real camera – not some digitally created wiggle. That makes them truly organic and real looking. And of course, they’re all GPU accelerated and will work in real-time in Premiere Pro."

Check out sample shots here:

The really nice thing is these are drag & drop FX and work within the NLE - you do NOT have to go into After Effects (unless you want to add motion blur). While we love AE and don't mind using it for certain tasks, it is very nice to simply stay inside Premiere for the most part - also much faster.

These presets are free and you can download them here. Also, be sure to read the backstory on his blog as to how & why the settings were created.

You can also download Leirpoll's other Premiere presets here.

Happy editing. :)