Shooting Log on an iPhone? Yep. June 15 2017, 0 Comments

Although we work in professional filmmaking and use high-end camera gear routinely, we still love the fact that today you can shoot really amazing stuff on your phone.

And now, you can even shoot Log. On your iPhone. And, it really looks pretty darn good.

Being able to shoot 2K or 4K Log on an iPhone is quite simply mind-blowing. We are so spoiled today as filmmakers - and of course this is a good thing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we know the codec isn't great and the color space isn't 10 bit or 4:2:2 and the sensor is small, etc... very few people outside of film nerds could tell the difference in something that is shot well. And of course that's the kicker - you can't just run out and shoot using the iPhone's built-in camera and make cinematic images.

Here's what they used:

- iPhone 6s
- FiLMic Pro App (for 24p and Log feature)
- Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter
- Helium Core Chasis (which is more or less a camera cage for the iPhone)

Then, they used professional grading tools too:

- Premiere Pro CC
- Lumetri Color (built-in to Premiere)
- Colorista IV (from Red Giant)

This footage is obviously just a quick test of the log footage, but it does a nice job showing how it holds up in some high contrast / high dynamic range situations - that really are troublesome for most cameras - also shooting bright whites in direct sunlight and bright red flowers (the 8 bit 4:2:0 codec does show it's weaknesses here, but it's not terrible).

While we're very interested in the recently announced Canon C200 and the Panasonic EVA 1, we're also similarly intrigued by the advancements in smartphones and how they can (and should be) utilized by all filmmakers.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.