Gear Spotlight

BMPCC 4K vs. iPhone! November 14 2018

Check out the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to see how it stacks up against an... iPhone. We know which is better, but it's good to see how close you can match cameras in post-production. See if you can tell them apart!

Review: Sennheiser ClipMic Digital February 18 2016

We've partnered with a digital series called "The iPhoneographers" that covers filmmaking with mobile devices - specifically the iPhone & iPad - and so we'll periodically share some of their gear reviews on our blog.

The first one we're adding has nothing to do with visuals or footage - it has to do with recording sound. If you don't get good sound in your videos or films, then your project can really suffer. 

This (relatively new) lavalier microphone from Sennheiser is a nice option to add to your filmmaking kit (along with the Apogee MetaRecorder app). This can turn your iPhone into a professional-grade field recorder. Use it with DSLRs, Blackmagic cameras, etc... anything without good onboard sound recording options (then simply synch the sound with picture later in post).

See more details about this here.

Gear Spotlight: DJI Osmo November 13 2015

Quick unboxing, device setup info and test footage shot with the new DJI Osmo 3-axis gimbal and camera system.

See our more detailed blog post about it here: