About Us

Hi, glad you found us!

We're a different kind of creative studio... Independent?  Check. Boutique?  Check. Cool?  We think so (but you tell us).

CineMoti™ produces 2nd Unit style footage & live-action visual effects content for filmmakers including "digital" movie extras, VFX elements, background plates, establishing shots and more. In HD to 6K and with instant downloads. 
What does "2nd Unit" mean?

Yep. We produce it ourselves with the help of a select network of talented folks (no crowd-sourcing though). Our footage is highly curated and hand-picked. We're about uniqueness and quality, not quantity. All shots go through our QC and post-production processes including color grading, denoising, stabilizing and compression (if needed or applicable).

Our company was founded in 2012 and created by filmmakers wanting to celebrate the craft of artful shooting, editing and ultimately storytelling. We want our original content to not only enhance, but to inspire the work of creative video and film professionals around the world. 

Pretty lofty, eh?

Our flagship 2nd Unit™ Collection features a variety of helpful live-action VFX content for indie and studio productions alike (please contact us for a quote related to network TV or studio feature films). And in addition to the specialty footage, we offer a growing library of time-lapse and traditional stock media, too.

So, what do you offer exactly?

Artful, useful and affordable royalty-free HD, 2K and 4K footage and beyond for filmmakers, editors, visual FX artists, broadcasters, post-houses, ad agencies, production companies and more. 

Oh, and did we mention in professional codecs? Yep. Apple® ProRes primarily (and with Rec709 and Flat or Log options), but also RED RAW .R3D files and others (TBA).

All of our footage is original, too. In other words, EXCLUSIVE and only available on our site and shot by our hand-picked network of filmmakers. Btw, there's no music, no motion graphic templates and no standard def here. No kidding.

We also want to keep it simple, so we offer easy (and affordable) a la carte or bundle pricing (on select shots) and no monthly subscription fees.

But wait, there's more!

We also blog on a variety of filmmaking topics from the latest tech trends in cameras to who's going to win the next Oscar. And, we write and produce (and sometimes aggregate) articles and video tutorials on filmmaking tools and techniques, including Product Demos for working with our assortment of footage.

That sounds great, but what are you really saying... your rainbow footage is better or something?

Yeah, we like to think so. But sunsets are more our thing anyway.

Mainly what we're saying is this... We are professional filmmakers, and so through our own experience we have a good understanding of what other professional filmmakers need (and want) when it comes to specialty and traditional stock media.

And professional codecs are only the beginning...

Flexibility is very important to us too, so we also offer "Flat" and/or Log options (in addition to RAW) on select footage that allows for more creative choices in post-production (specifically in color grading and compositing). And we provide metadata out the wazoo.

For example, not only the frame rate and codec, but also the camera used, the lens, color space, resolution and more (if available). All things that help considerably when using any footage in post, and of course, when trying to match a stock shot into an existing editing workflow.

There's more, but you'll need to explore the site and discover it yourself. We can't hold your hand forever, ya know.

So who's your audience?

What we affectionately refer to as the “Vimeo crowd”... So pretty much all filmmakers out there. :) But, more specifically ones who care not only about the quality and craft of the footage they work with, but also some of the finer technical aspects that can really make a difference in post-production and ultimately enhance the story they want to tell.

Do you crowd-source material?

Nope. We like crowd-sourcing sites and frequent them ourselves (please keep this a secret), but our model is more curated and targeted. Though we do occasionally look for talented filmmakers who'd like to work with us (we generally hire people for specific assignments, as needed).

Who are the mad scientists behind this outfit?

This motley crew. Collectively our work has been seen worldwide in studio and independent feature films, network television and digital series, national and regional broadcast commercials, short films, PSAs and more. And via outlets such as Warner Bros. Television, Hulu, ESPN, ABC, CBS, FOX, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival and many others.

How can we connect?

Social media is really best (we're online a lot). So Tweet us or Like us on Facebook.

Or, need a custom order or a network TV or studio feature film quote? Hit us up here.

Looking for more info? Try our FAQ page.