Film Fuel™ Newsletter

Our newsletter is different than most. We are film geeks at heart.

We love talking about the latest camera tech, editing apps or Hollywood visual effects feats, etc. We also enjoy the craft behind making great films.

And so this is what a typical 'Film Fuel™ Newsletter' is made up of... 

  • What we're watching (i.e. short films, etc.)
  • What gear we're interested in (i.e. new cameras, gadgets, et al)
  • What we're reading (links to great filmmaking articles that we've enjoyed)
  • What we're listening to (filmmaking-related podcast)
  • Sometimes we'll mention indie film projects we're supporting on crowd-funding sites (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Seed & Spark, etc.)
  • Other times we'll share an interesting filmmaking or post-production video tutorial
  • And occasionally we'll let you know about discounts or specials or cool new stuff from us

We keep it simple and to the point. Basically, we don't spam.

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The CineMoti Crew