CineMoti 2nd Unit™ Collection

Our flagship 2nd Unit™ Collection is live-action visual effects and second unit photography-style footage shot on RED®, Blackmagic®, Canon® and/or GoPro®. It's designed to help filmmakers add production value and polish to their creative vision in an easy and affordable way.


From Wikipedia:

In film, the second unit is a discrete team tasked with filming shots or sequences separate from the main or "first" unit.


Plan Ahead:

  • Add versatile 5K "digital movie extras" crossing the camera into any shot or scene
  • Easily create three-dimensional depth using live-action 4K VFX elements
  • Composite affordable 2K or 4K background plates into your green screen shot vehicle (including boat or motorcycle) scenes

And/Or Enhance It Later:

  • Many times we don't get the shot exactly the way we want on set (often due to lack of time and/or budget constraints)
  • And then other times in post you discover a shot or scene doesn't visually work as planned and needs enhancing
  • Save time and money with no costly reshoots or CGI

For more detailed info and tutorials please go to our Demos page.


2nd Unit™ EXTRAS


2nd Unit™ ELEMENTS

2nd Unit™ PLATES



  • This collection is the perfect place to start when building a scene in a movie, TV show or web series, etc. 
  • Easily add instant production value and set your scene with an establishing shot of a busy downtown area or perhaps a relaxing Hawaiian coastline... Whatever your story needs. These shots can also "open up" a film (from being too claustrophobic) and work as great scene transitions.
  • Many shots available in 4K ProRes and others in 2k or HD.
  • Also, select shots have Log (or Flat) options in addition to the Rec 709 or Graded versions (please choose this option before adding to the shopping cart). If you need more info on what this means check out our FAQ.

Note: Establishing shots are obviously very subjective. We've put a focus on wider style shots to set a scene or use as a scene transition. This collection is by no means complete. And you might actually find something better within our "traditional" stock footage collections for your particular project (search keywords at the top right of the page). But again, this is a great place to begin...


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