Shooting Action Scenes in Movies June 16 2016, 0 Comments

Do you watch Film Riot on YouTube? If so, you might have noticed it's "Action Month" over there. If you don't watch their show you are missing out on some pretty fascinating work, especially recently. 

We've been fans of Ryan Connolly et al for a while now, but the most recent stuff they've done is by far the best. They teamed up with DJI to shoot a series of action scenes and then they breakdown what they did in some really well done behind-the-scenes videos - both on the Film Riot channel and the DJI channel. Each cover different aspects of the shoot with DJI (obviously) covering more of their gear that was used like the Inspire and Osmo.

Here is a YouTube playlist with all the action scene episodes (from Film Riot's channel):

Shooting action is not easy. Lots of filmmakers struggle with camera placement, blocking and fight choreography - so it is nice to see all these elements come together here on a smaller sized shoot (albeit with experiences pros doing their job, like the stunt coordinator, stunt actors, etc.).

What was your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Ours was probably the "High Falls" one or "Foot Chase" with the ending fight scene on the rooftop. Really good looking stuff, and really cool how good the Osmo and Inspire footage looks (and how well it cuts in with RED shot stuff).