Squib FX December 18 2014, 0 Comments

If you've made a horror film or an action film or really any kind of genre film, you've probably considered how to best use blood effects (often called squibs). 

Today there are lots of ways to do this, some are pretty good and so are not so good. Many filmmaker tend to take the digital route (like with shots from Video Copilot), and those can be okay, especially if used sparingly, but for the most believable work practical effects are the best way to go.

A company called Squib FX provided the squib hits for the above parody and they look good, really good.

From their website:

At Squib FX we create air powered non-explosive bullet hit rigs which are used to create the illusion of someone or something being shot.

We also build other blood effects rigs used to spray and splat too! And we're coming up with new rigs all the time.

Our safety squib rigs:

  • Are Actor safe
  • Are very easy to use
  • Are simple to maintain
  • Can be fired hundreds of times
  • Are intuitive to learn
  • Are production friendly
  • Require no licenses
  • Need no permits
  • Create no insurance complications
  • Reset super fast for retakes
  • Don't startle animals
  • Adjust for precise control
  • Can hold way more blood than squibs

So next time in a film you need blood to spray out of someone's head or body or wherever, definitely check Squib FX out.