Green Screen Animals December 08 2014, 0 Comments

Speaking of 2nd Unit style footage... ever need wild animal footage in one of your films?  

Animal Wranglers (and their animals) can be very expensive... and then sometimes you need more than a traditional stock shot of an animal in its natural habitat... you need them in a background or environment to match an edited scene in your project.

So, unless you're really into rotoscoping, then you might want to check this out...

On the Greenscreen Animal's website you can browse various clips and purchase them there too (sort of, you have to "inquire") in formats from SD to 720p to RED (not sure why you'd want SD today, but it's there if you need it).

Figuring out the shot pricing is a bit confusing (and it's not super cheap), but nonetheless, this is a great resource to have around.

Btw, if you need traditional footage of wildlife and other animals, definitely check out our growing library of shots starting at only $59.