The Latest Greatest iPhone September 14 2015, 0 Comments

So why are we posting on a professional film blog about the new iPhone?  Well, besides the myriad of cool film-related apps you can use to make your films, this new phone has really improved it's camera (12MP) and now records 4K video, too. That's pretty amazing (and yes, we know other brands have had 4K out for a bit - but they aren't Apple). :)

It's yet to be seen how good the 4K is from the phone, but they do have a few samples online that look impressive. Could you shoot a movie on it? Of course. Should you is another question, but having the ability in the palm of your hand to shoot 4K is really remarkable - and not to mention - having a 4K camera with you now at all times is really, really remarkable

- Imagine even more (and of course higher quality) eyewitness accounts of events and news stories happening all over the world.

- Imagine "kids today" and the movies they can make at home now on their phone - yes HD was/is cool, but this is taking it to the Next Level - especially for everyday consumer use (as a side note, we definitely see this causing a rise in 4K TV sales - and of course it's been rumored for a while that Apple will make a 4K TV for your home soon too).

- Imagine the amazing party footage from a soccer mom filming her daughter's 3rd birthday... er, uh, yeah that will happen and it will likely look good, but let's move on... (we actually love soccer moms!).

- Imagine filmmakers using this new 4K device as an incredible scouting tool or even as a b-roll or insert shot camera, especially in a pinch. And yes, you could definitely use it as an A camera on certain projects, but again, while you can make a movie using a phone, it's definitely not easy. But wow, what a great camera to have in your pocket for directors, DPs, editors, production designers - even producers. ;)

So yes, we've done a post on our site about the latest greatest iPhone and hope now you see why we're excited about it - and think you should be too.

Get all the juicy details from Apple here. Pre-orders are underway and the phones will ship on 9/25/15.

Do you use an iPhone in your video/film business? If so, what apps are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.