iPhone Filmmaking on "Tangerine" July 27 2015, 0 Comments

One thing we really love about technology is how it democratizes things - especially it seems in filmmaking. 

It all really started with the advent of DV in the late 90s and has continued through today with a wide variety of digital cameras - even including phones. Literally anyone can make a movie today. 

Enter indie filmmaker Sean Baker. He's a fairly successful guy, but like most indie folks his budgets don't always get to where he wants, so on his most recent film "Tangerine" he shot on two iPhones. 

Here's a quick featurette on the making of the film:

And here's an interview with Sean talking in more detail about the process:

Again, we really like the freedom these kind of cameras allow filmmakers and actually some of our favorite and most often used cameras are smaller, less expensive models that still give you a lot of punch.  For example, the Panasonic Lumix LX100 or the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or GoPro Hero 4 Black, etc. 

So while we haven't shot much professional content on iPhones, we do like the trend of affordable gear giving big results. 

Have you shot anything on an iPhone? If so, please post a link in the comments below.