Epic Summer Shorts May 18 2015, 0 Comments

The guys at Film Riot are always putting together some cool "How To" filmmaking content on their YouTube channel, which if you don't watch regularly you should.

But this summer their taking it to a new level with their "Film Riot's Epic Summer" series of short films.

What are they doing you ask? They're releasing three short films from three of the interwebs better known indie filmmakers/personalities... Ryan Connolly (the main Film Rioter), Seth Worley (you've almost certainly seen his Red Giant short films) and then Andrew Kramer (the VFX wizard behind the ever popular Video Copilot website and products).

What we really like about these guys is not only do that make quality stuff, but then they also show everyone how they did it. They pull back the curtain and reveal all the movie-making secret sauce, or something like that.

The first two films have been released along with several really good accompanying behind-the-scenes videos, and the third film coming from Andrew Kramer is set to be released soon.

Film #1 is "U.F.Oh Yeah" by Ryan Connolly:

Film #2 is "Real Gone" by Seth Worley:

And we'll update this post with the third film once it's released. 

Btw, we really can't stress enough to watch the behind-the-scenes videos after watching the shorts. They do a really good job on these and you will hopefully learn something to help with your next project.

Which film is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments section.