Red Giant's New Media Management Software - Offload November 24 2014, 0 Comments

Media management is one of the biggest issues facing content creators today... not only archival, but also on set during production. Not every job can afford to hire a DIT to manage, backup and log the footage.

Enter 'Offload' from Red Giant and Stu Maschwitz. A new simple, yet powerful app for getting your shots off your camera and onto your computer. And it's affordable too at only $49. 

We really think this is a great idea and have actually been wanting an affordable solution like this for a while.


Mainly for the checksum verification, but also for the logging. Traditional DIT software like Silverstack is great, but expensive. Offload is squarely aimed at indie creators and/or smaller productions - however, we wouldn't be surprised if DITs (media mangers/wranglers) use this too on smaller jobs.

Read more details on the software here, from Stu himself.