Meet Me In Big Sur - Shot on a BMCC November 19 2014, 0 Comments

This video from filmmaker Andrew Julian really showcases the abilities of shooting RAW on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera... 

This was released on Vimeo back in early 2013 too, right when the initial BMCC orders were being fulfilled. The camera has come along way since then through various firmware updates, but the RAW image quality was there from the beginning. Choosing the right lenses and knowing the best time of day to shoot, etc. really helps make any footage sing too, just as Andrew did here. And interestingly, he used Lightroom for the color grading, which is typically used for stills photography (but created amazing results here).

Lots of our footage is available in RAW .R3D formats from RED, and in ProRes HQ from BMCC (that was originally shot in uncompressed RAW Cinema DNG). 

It's a good time to be a filmmaker with all these really great and affordable cameras around... don't you think?