Koji Color October 08 2014, 0 Comments

Working with LUTs (Look Up Tables) is nothing new, but it is something that has become much more prevalent these days - primarily due to the number of cameras that now shoot Log - and the availability to easily use LUTs within color grading software and more recently NLEs.

For example, within Davinci Resolve you have access to many built-in LUTs from Blackmagic, Canon, ARRI, etc. or LUTs that simulate the look of Kodak or Fuji film - and you can easily import custom LUTs as well.

Enter Koji Color ... a new company (evidently created in partnership with the folks at Crumplepop) that creates "Film Color LUTs" that reproduced "highly accurate motion picture film color".

The samples on their website are impressive. 

According to the info these will work with Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Final Cut Pro X and more. Glad to see it's multi-platform as that's one thing we don't like about Crumplepop's other offerings - they are Final Cut Pro X only.

We look forward to trying these out ourselves. And note, this is one big reason we offer a selection of our footage in Log or "Flat" varieties - so you can easily color grade in almost an infinite numbers of ways.