How NOT To Negotiate a Distribution Deal September 06 2014, 0 Comments

Besides raising the money for a film, then actually producing said film... the hardest part of the filmmaking process is finding distribution (not counting DIY self-distribution).  

And if you're lucky enough to find (good) distribution, then negotiating a (good) deal is the next vital step. 

So, when we saw this post on the IFP blog by Peter Broderick on how NOT to negotiate a deal, we had to share his words of wisdom.

A few of our favorite tips:

- Don’t submit to festivals too early.
- Don’t automatically seek an all-rights deal without first having a clear understanding of the full spectrum of distribution opportunities.
- Don’t negotiate distribution deals yourself.

Check out his full blog post here.

Btw, consider joining IFP too - it's a good way to support indie fllmmaking and get involved with the scene.