CineMoti Demo: 2nd Unit™ PLATES June 08 2015

Our 2nd Unit™ PLATES collection offers a variety of background plates for use in compositing VFX driving shots (including motorcycles and even boats) in movies, TV shows, commercials and more.

  • These affordable background plates are used for compositing green screen VFX shots in movies, TV shows, web series, commercials and more. 
  • Shot from multiple* angles including driver-side, passenger-side, rear-view and front-view (windshield reflection plates), and including varying terrains and landscapes from snow covered mountain roads to sun-drenched desert highways and even ocean views - these plates will cover a wide variety of driving scene situations.
  • Shot on RED ScarletBlackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon XC10 or GoPro (our INDIE Plates line) there is a great price point available for every size production.
  • Have a suggestion for some background plates? Need help with a custom order? Or, are you a network TV show or studio feature film? Contact us.

 Download a PDF with technical info on working with our 2nd Unit™ PLATES

*Some select plate bundles only have two angles of the driver and passenger views.

This above VFX compositing demo was created using Adobe After Effects - no expensive 3rd party plugins involved! 

The 4 STEPS used to key the Plates footage were:

  1. Chose the 2nd Unit™ Plates footage (in this case a suburban driving shot in 4K Quicktime)
  2. Pulled the "soft" key using Keylight within Adobe After Effects (also scaled and re-positioned the plate
  3. Color corrected the background plate to match the foreground (which was shot in 4K ProRes on a Sony A7s using an Atomos Shogun)
  4. Added 'Camera Lens Blur' (to taste) to the background plate to simulate shallow depth-of-field

This 2nd Unit™ Plates footage was shot on RED Scarlet in 4K and is available to download in the original RED RAW .R3D file or a 50Mbps H.264 Quicktime - which is what we used in this demo. We strive to give you flexible options depending on your desired workflow and particular project.

We're adding new driving plates footage on a regular basis - including more shots in our INDIE Plates line of products. These are shot on GoPro Hero 3+ or Hero 4 and are our most affordable option. And we now offer a few select ocean views for boating or ship shots, and coming soon we'll have aerial/sky plates for airplane window shots.

Lots of versatile footage available in this collection! Pricing starts at only $79. Browse PLATES now.