CineMoti Demo: 2nd Unit™ EXTRAS September 24 2014

Our 2nd Unit™ EXTRAS collection offers an easy and affordable way to add production value and polish to an otherwise boring or static shot. 

  • Use these royalty-free camera crosses ("digital movie extras") to add production value and liven up a static or boring shot.
  • Use them instead of real extras, too! Have full control over the timing, pacing and frequency of your action (watch the tutorial below). Don't be locked in or have someone cross at the wrong time - and, these extras won't eat all your craft services! :)
  • Also use these shots as transitional elements (think the fast "Edgar Wright" style wipes in his films) or even build a "virtual" live-action scene from scratch (watch the tutorial below). 
  • Shot on RED Epic in 5K gives plenty of room to re-frame, and the RAW .R3D files allow for great control over the final look.
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The above demo was created solely using Adobe Premiere Pro CC - no expensive 3rd party plugins involved! We did this to show that our 2nd Unit footage can be used in standard NLE setups with no special software. However, for the very best results we do typically recommend dedicated compositing software like Nuke or After Effects (using its built-in Keylight or 3rd party Primatte Keyer).

The 4 STEPS used to key the Extras footage over the original scene were:

  1. Chose the 2nd Unit™ Extras footage
  2. Pulled the key using Ultra Keyer within Adobe Premiere (also scaled and re-positioned
  3. Color corrected to match the background plate
  4. Added some subtle Gaussian blur to simulate shallow depth-of-field (footage already had plenty of motion blur)

All 2nd Unit™ Extras footage was shot on RED Epic in 5K and available to download in the original RED RAW .R3D files. Or, such as used in this demo, we offer 2K ProRes 4444 versions in Rec 709 or REDLogFilm. We give you options depending on your desired workflow and particular project.

Besides adding "digital movie extras" to existing shots, you can also use the footage as "Edgar Wright style" transitional wipes or create a live-action "virtual" scene from scratch (for example, shoot an exterior background plate of a sidewalk and building - or even use a photo of one - then have people walking and crossing frame).

Make sure and watch our tutorials below for more specific details and workflows:

Lots of great ways to use this versatile royalty-free footage collection!

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