2nd Unit™ Bundles

2nd Unit™ Bundles

Save by purchasing 3-Pack bundles! Starting at only $89.

Our pre-packaged bundles are from our 2nd Unit™ EXTRAS  and ELEMENTS collections (we also offer PLATES bundles, but in a different shot by shot way). SAVE 50%! Use discount code "SAVE50" during checkout.

Bundles Include:

  • 3 live-action VFX shots (acquired on RED digital cinema cameras)
  • 2K ProRes 4444 Rec 709 files
  • ROYALTY-FREE footage
  • And, in the Elements packs the footage is pre-keyed for easy drag & drop compositing

Total of 24% savings off retail pricing of 3 individual shots. Valid for 2K ProRes Rec 709 files only. The 3 shots are pre-selected and bundled into one product sale. To purchase 5K RED RAW or 2K ProRes Log versions please visit each collection's main page for individual shot pricing.