2nd Unit™ Elements 3-Pack Bundle #1

Clip IDs #10044 #10046 #10078

SAVE 30% with this 3-Pack bundle! Regularly $19 per shot (or $57 for all three).

Bundle includes:

  • 3 live-action VFX tree branch shots
  • Pre-keyed for easy drag & drop compositing!
  • One shot already defocused to simulate shallow depth-of-field (the other two are "clean" and can be defocused or manipulated to taste)
  • 2K ProRes 4444 Rec 709 files

Watch this demo to learn more about using these shots.

Over 30% savings off retail pricing of 3 individual Elements shots. Valid for 2K ProRes Rec 709 pre-keyed files only. The 3 shots are pre-selected and bundled into one product sale.

  • Camera: RED Scarlet
  • Framerate: 23.98
  • Lens: Canon L 16-35mm
  • runtime: :20 (each clip)
  • $39.00

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