2nd Unit Extras: Group Crisscross w/Texting (WS) 1

Clip ID #10456

Wide shot of group of people crisscross (Caucasian man, Hispanic woman and African-American man) while one texts on his mobile phone.

VFX use to add interest or activity to a static shot, or create a "virtual" live-action scene. Could be used for exterior or interior scenes and day or night (depending on the background plate).

Three format options to choose from below: 5K RED, 2K ProRes Rec 709 or 2K ProRes Log.

Talent Release signed and on file.


  • Camera: RED Epic
  • Framerate: 23.98
  • Lens: RED 18-50mm
  • Release: Yes
  • runtime: :05
  • $19.00

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