How'd They Do That?

Commercial VFX Breakdown Reel November 13 2015

Check out some nice VFX work here done for some commercial projects and music video post... These are the kind of "everyday" FX that good boutique studios do regularly. 

Behind-The-Scenes from Big Studio Productions November 23 2014

Ever wonder how a VFX shot was done in a movie or TV show? Us too. So we've compiled some of the best online examples we could find to hopefully help you understand and to ultimately inspire your own work.

Below is a Playlist from YouTube that we created with the compilation.

Use the drop down "Playlist" menu on the top left of the player to choose a different video (if you don't like one) or want to skip ahead. Hope you enjoy!

We'll be posting more behind-the-scenes in the future from commercials and indie creators, too.